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The most common user scenarios for data analytics with Wedge

The most common user scenarios for data analytics with Wedge

When we categorized the most common Wedge user scenarios, the following cases came up. Different user scenarios are usually linked together; for example, the situation awareness view also includes the possibility to drill down into very detailed analysis.

Situation awareness | Know exactly what is happening in your processes     

Wedge offers ready-made views for situation checks with just one click. 

  • Diagrams & Dashboards
  • Center Lining
  • Predictions & Forecasts
  • Standard views
  • Morning meetings
  • Shift change meetings
  • Hop-in to the control room for “what’s up”

Ad-hoc need for process data | Get fast facts to support your decision making

Simple and fast data retrieval, cleansing, and analysis – the basics of Wedge use.

  • In the middle of a meeting
  • In process operations when something is abnormal
  • In process operations: how we did it earlier
  • In process operations: when I change this parameter, what are the consequences

Optimization and development | Learn how to improve processes and operations     

Process status comparisons and analysis are easy to do with Wedge.

  • What is the difference between a good and bad operation window?
  • Finding best practices
  • What are the effects of bad practices?

Deep analysis | Find the root causes even in the tricky cases

Data analysis-driven projects benefit from Wedge.

  • Development projects
  • Troubleshooting project 


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