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Easy access to all process data

The quantities of data collected from industrial processes are increasing all the time. Regrettably, the systems used at mills are typically focused either on a certain part of the process (e.g., production line A, B, or C) or on a particular type of data, such as process, quality, profile, control-loop, or costing data.

View the whole process at a glance

While vast volumes of data are collected, very little of the material is actually utilized in most cases. One reason for this is that integrating data from different systems for one tool can be extremely laborious. A production plant or the entire company would achieve remarkable benefits if all data were seamlessly combined, enabling users to view and analyze the entire process at once.

Efficient troubleshooting frees time for improvements

Wedge can connect to all data systems at the same time, online: manufacturing execution, ERP, profile-scanner, information, and other systems. This allows you to focus your time on improving end-product quality or productivity or on troubleshooting the problem efficiently, regardless of where the data are located.


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