Cleanse and focus data, compensate process delays

Analysis made of uncleansed and unfocused raw data is worth nothing. Wedge has a sophisticated tool set for data cleansing and refining that allows user to compensate process delays, to focus analysis and to get rid of invalid data in seconds. With Wedge you can easily discover the relevant data.

Nonsense result with raw data Рmeaningful result with cleansed data 

Data cleansing and focusing

Outlier values in the measurements are very harmful for process studies and those preclude achieving reliable results from analysis. Easy and fast data cleansing is the key for effective process analysis.

Cleansing with cutting tools

Invalid data can be removed by one mouse-click.

Focusing with filtering tools

With Wedge user can focus on certain process status. Status can be for example product group, end product type, raw material type or shift.

Left: All data included in the analysis | Right: The same time interval, only one product (grade 6) included in the analysis

Dynamic process delay compensation

All process data contain delays. If delays are not compensated, analyses may get compromised.

Kuvateksti: No correlation with raw data. (Pic is to be updated!)

With a simple time delay model, one can teach Wedge to compensate delays: When Wedge knows to which process stage measurements are related, Wedge automatically can adjust analyses / diagnoses.

Kuvateksti: Reliable correlation found with delay compensated data. (Pic is to be updated!)

Automatic data refining

All above-mentioned data cleansing, focusing and delay compensation steps can be automatized.


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