User experience

Data sharing, collaboration & knowledge capture

Wedge is like a common language and collaboration platform for everyone involved with the process. Convenient for use by professionals in various fields at the facility, Wedge is the perfect tool for people working in production, engineering, maintenance, and mill management. Everyone can use the same tool, which enables efficient sharing of data and collaboration across the entire company.

Collaborate through customized views

The data handling in Wedge is based on process diagrams and dashboards. The views can be customized to match the use case or user groups, and individual users can even create representations that mesh perfectly with their special needs. These views can be shared with all co-workers or with a specified user group, for shared process knowledge and dissemination of development ideas.

Knowledge-sharing made easy

The diagrams excel in knowledge sharing. For example, a process engineer can create a view compiling the measurements and calculations that should be retained at certain levels, and the knowledge created from these is then visualized easily via Wedge dashboards. A dashboard can be shared with others working with the relevant process, such as all process operators in the control room.

Automatic knowledge capture

Wedge serves as a solid knowledge capture platform too. With Wedge, process diagrams evolve automatically and capture the knowledge and experience of those experts most familiar with the process in question. Thereby, the information is available later also, and it can be shared with others as necessary.


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