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Formica IKI selects Trimble Wedge for data analytics

Formica Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure laminates (HPL), selects Trimble’s industrial data analytics system Wedge to improve its Formica IKI Oy plant performance in Kolho, Finland. 

We have raised the bar on sustainability. Surrounded by a group of material technology companies, giving us access to tools and technology, we are confident we can accelerate our sustainability improvement trajectory. Major improvements have been made during the last couple of years. As part of the path toward carbon neutrality, we have invested in measuring our process performance, and with Wedge, we are able to take the most out of it in process optimization and development,” says Jani Kattilakoski, Plant Manager of Formica IKI Oy Kolho.

IKI-manufactured high pressure laminate consists of layers of wood-based fibers and usually one decorative paper on the surface. Impregnated with thermosetting resins, the papers are collated and compressed into a single, homogeneous sheet under high pressure and temperature. The resulting laminates provide a high-performance surface with excellent durability and scratch resistance but maintaining flexibility to allow the creation of curves and shaped surfaces. 

Register for TAPPI webinar on October 27, 2022

We are pleased to invite you to TAPPI webinar we sponsor on Thursday, October 27, at 11 am (ET). The topic is the always interesting Data-Driven Decision Making with Process Analytics – Making sense of big data in the pulp and paper industry presented by Dr Peter Hart from WestRock. The webinar is hosted by one of our Wedge specialists, Leigh Kinne.

The event is free and does not require TAPPI membership; registration is required.

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Glencore Nikkelverk selects Trimble’s Wedge for industrial data analytics

Glencore Nikkelverk, one of the largest nickel refineries in the western world, has selected Trimble’s Wedge industrial data analytics system to improve its process plant performance. 

Nikkelverk refinery has a high automation level and modern process information system and we are continuously generating a lot of valuable process data.  Integrating Wedge to our plant systems opens a new era of process optimization, troubleshooting disturbances, and development. This certainly represents a great example of our ongoing digitalization efforts,” said Kai Johansen, Chief Information Officer at Glencore Nikkelverk.

Wedge is powerful data-mining software that provides users with tools to visualize process and quality data, cleanse the data, compensate for process delays, analyze data, and diagnose dependencies and root causes. Wedge can be used widely at industrial plants; from site managers to process operators.

“The Wedge system has a lot of potential for our plant’s performance improvement by making the analytics work easier. It also enables a completely different level of process data utilization with current resources. One of the gains we expect from this is decreased chemical usage per tonn Ni produced, which is good for both our economy and our environmental footprint,” said Eirik Djuve, Process Metallurgist, Glencore Nikkelverk.

With customers in over 20 countries,  Glencore Nikkelverk is the first to deploy Trimble’s Wedge in Norway.

Meet us at AVEVA PI World in Amsterdam

We would like to welcome you to join us at AVEVA PI World in Amsterdam May 16-19, 2022.

AVEVA PI World offers a great opportunity to network and learn from the extensive AVEVA and PI System communities. AVEVA have acquired OSISoft, so you might know it better by that name.

At AVEVA PI World you will have a great opportunity to meet our industrial data analytics experts Jürgen Missel, Matti Häkkinen, Teemu Möykkylä, and Jari Suihkonen to discuss if Wedge could be the system for your process improvement.

Meet us at TAPPICon in Charlotte

Trimble Wedge is sponsoring the TAPPICon event which is an in-person event for the paper making industry. TAPPICon will take in place in Charlotte, North Carolina April 30 – May 4, 2022.

We are also excited to announce that WestRock will be presenting peer-reviewed findings about Trimble Industrial Data Analytics (Wedge) at TAPPICon May 3, 8:00-10:00 during the Paper Fundamentals track. The presentation is under title: “Determining Operating Variables Which Impact Internal Fiber Bonding Using Wedge Statistical Analysis Methods”.

Looking forward to meeting you at TAPPICon!

Pfleiderer expands its Wedge use to the Gütersloh site

Pfleiderer is a leading manufacturer of high-quality engineered wood, laminates, and resin-based adhesive systems. Headquartered in Neumarkt, Germany, Pfleiderer employs around 2200 people, mainly at five sites in Germany and one for adhesive systems in Poland.

Pfleiderer has been using Wedge very successfully at its Baruth site for years, and now Wedge is also used at the Gütersloh site. 

The primary aim of using Wedge is complete process optimization – from the preparation to the finishing of high-quality wood-based materials. In addition, MFT (material flow tracking) and the analysis of downtime data are part of how Wedge is used at Pfleiderer.

Pfleiderer attaches particular importance to sustainability, and Wedge plays its part be providing fast problem detection and troubleshooting. Wedge is very easy to use and therefore accessible to a large group of users.

New customer: MM Kotkamills Boards Oy in Finland

We are delighted to welcome MM Kotkamills Boards Oy, our newest Wedge customer. After a successful pilot phase, they decided to continue to enhance their innovative board machine BM2 performance with the help of Trimble’s industrial data analytics system, Wedge.

The Wedge process data analysis tool is a great step change for MM Kotkamills for a more systematic approach to improve quality consistency and faster troubleshooting. It’s easy to use, which enables a large group of people from engineers to operators to utilize the program.
 –Riku Suurnäkki,  Production Director

MM Kotkamills produces ecological wood products, pulp, CTMP, saturating kraft paper, and fully recyclable barrier boards. In the first phase, Wedge will be utilized in board production. The annual capacity of the board machine is 400,000 tons of food-safe consumer boards that can replace plastics used in packaging.

TAPPI Journal article about utilizing Wedge

A peer-reviewed article about Wedge is published in the November issue of the TAPPI Journal. The article “Determining operating variables that impact internal fiber bonding using Wedge statistical analysis methods” is written by our valued customer, WestRock.

The article is for TAPPI members only, but the abstract is available for everyone.


Klabin expands its Wedge use

Klabin is expanding its Wedge use for its new mill site in Ortigueira, Brazil.

The aim is to maintain the same practicality and speed in analyses as we have experienced in our other mills.
Elielson Batista, Process Engineer, Klabin 

Klabin has been using Wedge since 2018. Features such as modeling, linear regressions, multivariate correlations with dynamic compensation of process delays have been in active use. Also, the flexibility to incorporate multiple databases in a single system has been valued. 

Wedge has facilitated quick responses and speedier support for decision-making. It has been especially valuable for discovering disturbances and identifying opportunities to optimize our processes.
– Elielson Batista

The new Wedge deployment is part of the Puma II Project which is the biggest investment in Klabin’s history.  Its operation is an important milestone in Klabin’s expansion cycle, which reinforces its capacity for sustainable growth combined with technology.

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