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Arauco expands its Wedge use in Chile

Arauco expands its Wedge use in Chile

Global forest company Arauco strives for sustainable solutions and excellent energy efficiency in its operations. Arauco’s new production line in Chile is the newest line to implement this objective.

The history of this production plant goes back 50 years, with the installation of Line 1. Line 2 has produced radiata pine pulp approximately since 1990. Line 3 (initially called Project MAPA) is the largest eucalyptus pulp project in the world and Arauco’s most significant investment ever, and it has an annual production capacity of 2.1 million tons.

To achieve its high targets for sustainability, energy efficiency, and impeccable quality, Arauco has been relying on Trimble’s process data analytics system, Wedge, since 2018. Wedge has been used on two plants in Chile, and the new production line will also use Wedge for its process diagnostics.

With Wedge, Arauco can streamline its processes and reduce the time engineers spend on process data analytics. By quickly identifying the root causes of any production problems, Arauco can now minimize waste and ensure the consistent quality and smooth production of its products.

Arauco produces boards and wood that are used in furniture, construction, and packaging, as well as cellulose to manufacture, for example, papers, packaging materials, and diapers. Arauco’s products are available in more than 80 countries.

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