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SharpCell selects Wedge to ensure consistent quality

SharpCell selects Wedge to ensure consistent quality

Finland-based SharpCell is one of the newest airlaid manufacturers in the world. They take pride in their consistent quality and reliable delivery of airlaid products for wiping, hygiene and personal care products, table top applications, household cleaning applications, baby care, and feminine hygiene.

To ensure consistent quality and trouble-free production processes, they have chosen Wedge for analyzing their process data. With Wedge, all process data can be utilized fast and easily to ensure zero waste, zero emissions, and minimal use of resources at all times.

Wedge is a powerful piece of data mining software and a useful tool for understanding our production process on a more detailed level. The visualizing process and quality data help us widen our understanding of the current status of where we are on all organizational levels. Wedge is also a great asset in troubleshooting, and a tool for minimizing process variance. All this is supporting us in our main target, which is to be quality leaders in the airlaid segment.” says Production manager Eero Ollila, SharpCell.

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