Analyze your data

With Wedge, you learn the nature of the data and analyze process behavior accordingly.

Exploit a comprehensive set of built-in analysis tools

In the course of 25 years of industrial cooperation, our experts have hand-picked a comprehensive set of analysis tools for effective process analysis in Wedge. The toolset covers the following methods, among others:

  • Statistics
  • Correlation matrices
  • X-Y plots / scatter plots
  • Histograms
  • Batch analysis / comparison to a golden batch
  • Frequency analysis
  • Best practices (reference time comparison etc.)

Focus your analysis on selected products / process states

You can easily select a continuous time span or split the results by production grade or other criteria. All result windows automatically reflect this selection.

At left, the analysis covers all the data for any time interval; on the right, for the same time interval, the user has included only one product (grade 6) in the analysis.

Analyze iteratively – add, cleanse & refocus data on the fly

Wedge smoothly supports an iterative work flow: the user begins with some important measurement, then drag-and-drops other measurements into the analysis views and removes those that turn out to be irrelevant.

The time axis can be changed, with all views getting updated immediately. Data can be cleansed on the fly also, and all results get recalculated to reflect the changes.

All this makes process analysis easy and fast.


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