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Empower your partnerships with data

For any company, data can be a valuable asset, one that requires protection. At the same time, however, effective sharing of data and knowledge can be extremely profitable.

Wedge allows you to share your process data with your partners in a controlled and safe manner.

Share process data with suppliers, maintenance providers, and development partners

Wedge can serve as a strong platform for external professionals. The simplest case of data collaboration is giving a materials supplier real-time visibility of raw-material stock levels. More sophisticated examples of data-sharing and cooperation can involve the following.

  • External participants take part in process trial runs
  • External maintenance specialists monitor equipment’s usage and condition data for purposes of preventive maintenance
  • In-house analysts and R&D engineers share selected data with external research, development, and innovation partners to enable highly efficient cooperation

You can choose which data your partners see

With Wedge, it’s very easy to create restricted environments where users have access only to predefined resources.

You can specify the types of diagrams and measurements you want your partners to see, granting them access to all the data they need in their work but nothing more. This means there is no risk of misuse or of harm to any precious data.

Rights are defined on the basis of user role, and it takes less than a minute for a mill’s Wedge administrator to add a user to one of the predefined role-based groups.

Sounds smart, don’t you think?

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