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3 steps to efficient trial runs with external partners

During trial runs, it’s crucial to have clear roles and tools that support the work.

Operators must be able to focus on the process and get clear instructions for the intended actions. Engineers and external specialists need access to the online process data so that they can provide the operators with solid support and make data-based decisions on the fly.

Ensure data security – empower your partners

However tempting it may seem, giving the externals the same premises and screens as the mill personnel can be inconvenient and even risky. Outsiders in the control room can easily get in the way and also see sensitive process information unrelated to the trial.

The other extreme, giving no access to process data, prevents them from following each run and the process parameters. In other words, they can’t fully utilize their expertise, the expertise you pay them for. Ultimately, the whole trial could go wrong without anyone even noticing.

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Create safe workspace for partners

To avoid unnecessary, demoralizing hassle during the operation, it makes sense to create a diagram giving the partners all the resources and measurements they need – with no fuss, with Wedge.

External personnel can follow the trial run from their own screens, without any risk of negative side effects. If these professionals end up needing access to more measurements during the trial, it takes mere seconds to add the necessary items to their Wedge resources.

Furthermore, all history data will become available immediately, so that no aspect of the trial gets overlooked.

Follow 3 steps to efficient trial runs

To guarantee a successful trial run, it’s as easy as 1–2–3:

  1. Advise the partners joining you to bring pastries from the local bakery.
  2. Provide them with a predefined Wedge view of the online process data.
  3. Enjoy the safe and efficient cooperation.

Simple as that.


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