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High-volume production requires high-quality process data analytics

MM Kotkamills is a significant Finnish producer of ecological wood products, saturating kraft paper, and easily recyclable barrier boards. Founded in 1872, it today produces innovative products created from wood in three business lines, letting no part of the wood go to waste. All business lines require smooth processes and a lot of data handling.

This is where Wedge comes in handy.

MM Kotkamills

A more systematic approach to ensure consistent quality

In the first phase, Wedge was utilized in board production. The results were convincing, and the use of Wedge was soon extended to the whole factory. Now MM Kotkamills has Wedge in mill-wide use in all its operations. To give a glimpse of the volume, the annual capacity of the board machine is 400,000 tons of food-safe consumer boards that can replace plastics used in packaging. With this high a volume, the requirements for data handling are also high.

“The Wedge process data analysis tool is a great step change for MM Kotkamills for a more systematic approach to improve quality consistency and faster troubleshooting,” says Riku Suurnäkki, Production Director at MM Kotkamills.

Wedge is a handy tool for everyone from process operators to engineers

With the “people first” attitude in mind, MM Kotkamills wants to provide its employees with the best tools in the market to enable them to succeed in their daily work. When it comes to industrial process data handling, Wedge was their number one choice.

“It’s easy to use, which enables a large group of people from engineers to operators to utilize the program.”


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