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Wedge gives easy access to process data

Holmen Iggesund is a premium paperboard company with two state-of-the-art mills: Iggesund Mill in Sweden and Workington Mill in the United Kingdom. Both mills have Wedge in plant-wide use, enabling them to make the most of their process data.

Workington Mill was the first to implement Wedge. They shortly realized all the benefits of better data handling, so Iggesund Mill joined soon after.

“Wedge has given us easy access to our process and product data. It is also a powerful tool for analyzing the data. This helps us in troubleshooting and working with process improvements and product development. Furthermore, it has made us aware of the importance of data quality, which is the foundation of and the key to our way forward working with digitalization and becoming a Smart Site.”
– Peder Hägglund, Technical, Project and IT Manager at Holmen Iggesund

Holmen Iggesund is part of the forest industry group Holmen.

Watch this short video and learn more about how one of the world’s most advanced and a fully integrated paperboard factory, Holmen Iggesund in Sweden, found Wedge >>


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