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Easier and faster problem solving with process analytics

Boliden Kokkola is the second largest zinc plant in Europe with its annual production capacity of 313 000 tonnes. In April 2014 the zinc plant enhanced its processes by purchasing Wedge Process Analytics System from Trimble.

Boliden Kokkola has operated since 1969 and its main products are pure zinc and zinc alloys. Since 2010 the plant has also produced sulphuric acid. Committed to continuously improve its operations, Boliden Kokkola is today one of the most modern zinc plants in the world. This strategy was also supported by the acquisition of  Wedge.

zinc plant use Wedge data analytic
The second biggest zinc plant in Europe use Wedge data analytics.

Wedge meets the needs of smelter processes perfectly

Boliden Kokkola’s Research Engineer Juha Mäenpää became acquainted with Wedge when the smelter started to search for an effective tool for process analysis:

“Trimble gave us presentations of Wedge process analysis system, and after the second presentation we decided to start a trial period. During the trial we tested Wedge’s suitability for the smelter in a close cooperation with Trimble. Everything went according to the expectations and the actual deal was closed in April 2014.”

Satisfied with the service

The deal included Wedge process analysis system, process database and the first year maintenance service. Mäenpää has been satisfied with Trimble’s service – during and after the trial period:

“The co-operation with Trimble went very well. We have always got the answers to the open questions and Trimble’s team trained us competently into the use of the system.”

Trimble’s Matti Häkkinen is likewise satisfied with the project and co-operation with Boliden:

“For us, this was a good and smooth project. We are constantly searching for the new challenges and this project showed for its part that Wedge is highly suitable for the demanding needs of heavy industrial chemistry.”

Wedge eases and speeds up the work

Wedge has proved to be an effective tool in process behavior and root cause analysis in Kokkola:

“Wedge is able to manage huge amounts of process data rapidly. This eases and speeds up my work as a research engineer immensely. With the help of the Wedge, I can receive reliable results from the large data amounts and thus easily exclude the possible causes of process problems and state the acquired results correct or wrong, tells Mäenpää.

Wedge is able to manage huge amounts of process data rapidly.

According to Mäenpää, Wedge is highly accessible process analysis system for a new user:

“The basis of the Wedge are easy to learn. Advanced use requires a bit more time, but the system’s logical and lucid design provides great help.”

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