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More efficient work with Wedge

Every production process is unique. Optimizing production and identifying the factors that affect a process’s efficiency require a good diagnostics and analytics tool. Wedge sifts through volumes of data for the right tips. CABB Oy, in Kokkola, uses the Wedge process data analytics tool to solve problems and improve production.

No more time consuming Excel!

As a producer of agrochemicals and pharmaceutical precursors, CABB is a high-tech company in the fine and specialty chemicals sector.

“The level of automation at our factory is high, and the processes provide us with enormous quantities of data and measurement results. Previously, we used Excel to document trends. Now we are using Wedge to process and analyze measurement data, for revealing how the process is really functioning,” says Reijo Partanen, R&D Director at CABB.

Optimizing production and identifying the factors that affect a process’s efficiency require good analysis tool like wedge
Wedge data analysis tool sifts through volumes of data for the right tips.

Batch processes create unique challenges for product quality

The production at the Kokkola factory is based on batch processes, and production volumes involve several dozen tons at a time. In comparison to continuous processes, this creates unique challenges for production and guaranteeing uniform product quality.

“We use five production lines at the factory, always with a separate product on each line. When the process changes, being able to examine the key issues immediately is important,” stresses Partanen.

A smooth pilot project for a batch process

CABB first implemented Wedge as a data analytics tool for continuous processes. Then, the company conducted a pilot project for batch-process production.

“We knew that the process would not get completed by simply pressing a button, that it would require some thinking and experimenting. The cooperation with Trimble’s experts has been smooth. They have listened to us, and even the appearance of the application has been altered, so that it is more familiar to us,” says Partanen.

Widely used by different professionals

Initially, a small group at the factory used Wedge and ironed out the key issues. Little by little, the application has found its way to the chemists and the factory’s operations manager, in addition to the engineers. It is a tool for day-to-day use that more and more employees are familiar with.

“Wedge has integrated into our daily work flexibly. The employees who are now using Wedge are used to working with a variety of software, so they’ve already gotten to know the ropes. The system has proven very useful for optimization and problem analysis, in particular,” Partanen says.

Efficiency and safety are key success factors

Clients of CABB require high-quality products, which are produced efficiently and, at the same time, safely. This requires adopting new ways of doing things and maintaining mastery of process analytics.

Partanen says in conclusion, “Our factory in Basel is also interested in using Wedge. Personnel there have been excited about our user experiences.”

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