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New Release! The Wedge Data-Stream Analysis system

We are pleased to introduce the latest version of the Wedge data-stream analysis (DSA) system. Fruit of continuous development, it analyzes and synthesizes data streams on third-party system use, all fully automatically, online.

This opens a whole new world of possibilities for utilizing process-data streams. For example, Wedge DSA can be used for automatically monitoring process status, searching events, and vendor-independently communicating Wedge-processed data to reporting and visualization tools. It even enables analyzing data streams from multiple production lines and sites simultaneously, for benchmarking purposes.

The latest DSA enhancements

  • A completely new Web-based user interface
  • Enhanced calculation and data-stream management
  • Auto-recovery functions to deal with broken data streams
  • Enhanced monitoring and calculation-based analysis functionality
  • Message queue availability for third-party communication


If you would like to learn more about how DSA could benefit you, please contact us, at

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