More efficient Industrial Data Analytics

Wedge is a real-time data analysis tool for process industry

As a powerful data mining software Wedge enables you to improve industrial plant efficiency.

It finds and proposes root causes and consequences of process events before they escalate to a real problem. Wedge digests all process data from different sources for analysis and diagnosis.

Process improvement tool to engage organizational knowledge

Wedge is easy to run out of the box by your process operators, engineers, R&D experts and management. Therefore your entire production organization can be engaged in continuous improvement.

Wedge is perfect data analysis software to prevent problems before they happen!



Key Features & Benefits

  • Increases production efficiency
  • Digests huge amounts of process data from different sources online
  • Anticipates risks
  • Identifies root causes of process misbehavior
  • Enables proactive process management
  • Dedicated views and tools for various users
  • Captures knowledge and expertise
  • Ready to run out of the box without a long and risky implementation project

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